Kantou Matsuri


The Kantou Matsuri is a festival held in Akita, Japan, where people from all over Japan gather to watch a multitude of teams lift up and balance Japanese lanterns on single bamboo poles. Within a team, one member will pass the bamboo pole to the next member, while continuing to balance the pole. Many lower the pole down to their hips or up to their forehead. These lanterns can weigh up to 60kg! Members who do not balance the lanterns take turns beating traditional Japanese drums and playing flutes. A voice on the loud speakers lets everyone know when to stop and move to their next audience standing along the side of the street.

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About tomokojtaguchi

Hi, My name is Tomoko and I am a photographer and photojournalist. I love the integration of storytelling and photography because visuals bring stories to life... and that's what I enjoying being a part of. Thanks for visiting - I hope you enjoy the photos and the stories that come with them.

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