“Nifty Fifty” Canon 50mm Lens Review


I just finished my third year at university studying photojournalism – I consider myself an amateur. This is only the second lens that I’ve bought (my standard 18-55mm one being the first). I had asked some advice from someone about what lens I could buy that was a good fit for taking photos at an event and for general use. I also wanted something that was on the cheaper side. My friend recommended the nifty fifty for price and usefulness. I had asked him if it would be good to invest in a zoom that went from something like 18-200mm, but he thought the quality would probably not be so great at each interval because it has a wide to telephoto range. So I bought this instead. The lens is amazing in terms of its 1.8 aperture – what a difference that makes in capturing detail and taking photos in the shade or  in dark areas. But it’s obviously limiting in that it can only be at 50mm. So it’s inconvenient when you’re trying to take a group photo in the middle of a crowd because you have to back up quite a bit. Pros include having both autofocus and manual focus… and taking photos of the night sky! Here are some photos of the lens and a picture of the southern cross that I took this summer.


About tomokojtaguchi

Hi, My name is Tomoko and I am a photographer and photojournalist. I love the integration of storytelling and photography because visuals bring stories to life... and that's what I enjoying being a part of. Thanks for visiting - I hope you enjoy the photos and the stories that come with them.

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