Monthly Archives: May 2013

Some inspiration for the day

For a class assignment, we had to read an article about pursuing excellence. And I’m gonna go ahead and point out that the “had to” was actually a “got to” by the time I finished reading. Here’s a really inspiring paragraph…
“The achievement of excellence may be compared to climbing a tall mountain of 25,000 feet. Ascent to the “high-base-camp” altitude of 18,000 is fairly easy. The next 6,000 feet of ascent may take as long as it took to gain base camp level. And the final thousand feet may take as long as any other segment of the climb! In a similar fashion, artists operating at high levels of accomplishment have to put in more and more work for less and less gain. Without a clear mandate and drive (an imperative) for the pursuit of excellence, it is easy to “enjoy the view” from relatively high elevations and never push on to achieve the summit experience.” -Peter Slowik